Vicious Dog Attack Warrants Misdemeanor Charge

Fort Mitchell Woman Suffered 200 Puncture Wounds By Five Dogs

A vicious dog attack prompted one local woman to question a new Alabama law created to address such attacks.

Sandy Vogts was taking an early morning stroll in her Fort Mitchell neighborhood when a pack of dogs approached out of no where.

“The pit bull started growling and I put my hand up and I said No! And he looked at me and he just charged,” Vogts told First News.

The pit bull and four other dogs pounced on the victim as she fought for several minutes.

The dogs knocked her down repeatedly tearing into her flesh.

“They were biting my arms, my legs, my back, everything and I was screaming calling someone to come help me and finally the dog owner came out of her house,” Vogts said.

The dogs had escaped from their fenced in backyard and even as the owner attempted to help a pit bill continued to attack causing permanent damage to the woman.

“She did say ‘oh my God, I’m so sorry’ you know but sorry doesn’t quite cover this you know. My scalp was torn off and had to be sewn back on,” she said.

Equally horrifying to the victim, the Alabama law that allows one “free bite”.

Under the current statute the dogs owner was cited for dogs roaming at large, a mere misdemeanor.

“It’s a terrible law. They call it the first bite law,” Vogts said.

Russell County District Attorney Ken Davis explained the law ” means essentially if you are a dog owner and your dog has never had any propensity to be viscous, to be violent , has never bitten anyone before you don’t have either civil or criminal liability if the dog does bite somebody.”

Vogts main concern was having the dogs return to the neighborhood where several children reside.

The Prosecutor was prepared to step in and have the dogs declared vicious but the dogs owners voluntarily had the five animals euthanized late this afternoon just hours before this report aired.

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