Hit/Miss PM T-Storms

Barry To Form In The Gulf Of Mexico?

Widely separated thunderstorms will continue with the max heating of the day this week.   That means afternoon and evening thunderstorms will be on the prowl; there will even be patches of early morning fog.   High humidity continues to reign supreme, and this humidity will be aided by the development of a storm over the northeast or north-central Gulf of Mexico later in the week.

If you recall earlier this year, in May, Subtropical storm Andrea formed in the Atlantic waters.   So, the next name for a tropical storm is Barry.    A broad area of low pressure over Georgia will dip into the gulf by mid-week.   It will be aided by an approaching tropical wave in the southwest Atlantic.  The combination of these features will likely allow Barry to develop toward week’s end.   For now, the steering currents will likely keep this future tropical system away from our area, but do not let your guard down just yet.

Regardless as to the future placement of Barry, an approaching cool front that stalls north of our area will be plenty of fuel to help ignite daily thunderstorms later in the week.   Stay tuned.

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