Local Voters Sound Off On First Debate

President Trump Trolls NBC News On Twitter

Local voters had plenty to say in response to this past week’s first televised debate.

Half of the two dozen candidates vying for the democratic nomination took the stage in South Florida to discuss all things politics in the first debate , some of them lighting up social media after showing off their bilingual skills but not everybody back home in the Chattahoochee Valley was feeling warm and fuzzy about it.

The one issue locals wanted to sound off on: Immigration.

“All I saw was lies”
(Reporter) Like?
“Well, when they open their mouth, lies came out. You’re not going to put this on…”
(Reporter) I will, I just want to know specifically.
“It was that Governor from Washington. He was the one talking about Immigration. He welcomes all the refugees. Well that’s a good place for them to be in Washington State,” Kenny Johnston told First News.

“We do need to do something on the border I don’t think putting up. a fence is the right thing to do but we need to address the situation with the people down there living in horrible conditions,”Columbus voter Jimmy Harris said.

Julian Castro appeared to catapult to the front of the pack out of nowhere with his response to immigration and his name was searched 22 thousand times in a matter of minutes during the debate.

The battle lines are drawn and the President himself weighed in on the first debate but not to single out any particular candidate.  President Trump trolled NBC News on Twitter after technical difficulties calling the Network “truly unprofessional” and a “fake news organization”

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