Fingerprints Identify Suspect In Child’s Assault

Joshua Anthony Lived Next Door to 12 Year Old Victim

The Columbus Police Department’s Special Victim’s Unit testified Friday they were able to crack a three year old cold case using fingerprint technology.

Investigators have been looking for the suspect who broke into a North Columbus apartment and assaulted a young girl three years ago.

The case involving a rare stranger assault was unsolved until recently and now a Joshua Anthony is facing multiple felony charges including child molestation.

A detective testified police responded to that apartment complex in August of 2016.

That’s where an unknown male entered the bedroom of a 12 year old girl and molested the victim with the mother nearby attempting to find out why the dog was barking.

According to court testimony the family’s dog went ballistic but the predator boldly continued until the girl shrieked and the assailant fled.

Investigators lifted finger and palm prints from a living room window where the suspect entered but for three years the case was unresolved until this week when Joshua Anthony was arrested for unrelated charges.

He posted bond for simple battery but detectives hauled him back to headquarters with fingerprint results showing it was his prints at the apartment where the child was attacked.  Anthony lived right next door. 

When he denied ever being near that specific building and failed to provide an explanation why his fingerprints were on the property, Anthony was again taken into custody.

This time he was booked for child molestation and burglary.

In gut wrenching testimony, family of the victim told the judge the  young girl has since suffered severe mental repercussions and cannot be left alone or leave the house,  the heartbreaking account proof the incident had taken a toll on the entire family.

The family was pleading with the Judge to consider the “life altering trauma” sustained by the child when considering any bond amount.

Judge Julius Hunter did not set bond and the case was bound over to Superior Court.

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