Drowning Victim Buried With Military Honors

Ron Cyr Drowned in Chattahoochee River After Boat Sank


It took a month to hammer out firm arrangements for Ron Cyr but those closest to the former Staff Sergeant who served in Vietnam were determined to give him a proper military send off.

Cyr lost his life on the Chattahoochee River May 26th when his boat sank. Another person was able to swim to safety after the incident.

Because next of kin could not retrieve his body for several days, Cyr was eligible for a pauper’s grave despite his years of service to the country.

Brandon Owens said Cyr was homeless in 2000, so he provided employment and a lasting friendship.

Owens said he was frustrated watching  the final process

“You know, I don’t know. I do think that this whole thing has been stretched out way to long. It’s been 4 to 5 weeks which is absurd that that man could not get buried before now you know it’s like nobody cared,” Owens told First News.

But it turns out people do care,  like the Patriot Riders who appeared at the Fort Mitchell Cemetery to ensure a dignified send off.

His family said the veteran was passionate in life.

“He was always somebody with an opinion. He was always somebody with a voice but he also had compassion for people, compassion for things. He had a lot of kindness in his heart and a lot of kindness in his life. But he was also very passionate about many things,” his brother said.

Staff Sergeant Ron Cyr was remembered not as another drowning victim but as Patriot who loved his friends, his country, and his God.


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