Don’t Forget the Helmet!

Safe Kids Columbus stops by to teach us how to properly fit a bicycle helmet, the helmet law, rules of the road and if you’re riding a bicycle at night. All children under 16 are required by Georgia law to wear a helmet when they are on the bike.

Rules of the Road for Bicycles:

–          Operate the bike just like a motor vehicle

–          Ride WITH the flow of traffic

–          Observe all traffic signals, stop signs

–          Ride as far to the right as possible

–          Always wear a helmet

–          Use hand signals to indicate the direction you are traveling

–          Stay alert – scan behind and in front of you

Riding a Bicycle at Night:

–   GA Law requires a rear reflector visible up to 300 feet, and you must have a white light in front of the bike visible up to 300 ft.







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