Carver Guard Ja’Nya Love-Hill’s Rollercoaster of a Recruiting Process


Back in November, Carver senior guard Ja’Nya Love-Hill signed to play basketball for coach Anita Howard at Columbus State University. On March 8th, she tore her acl in the state championship game. By the end of March, coach Howard announced that she was leaving CSU to coach at Georgia Southern and Ja’Nya was left recovering from an injury and with some tough decisions to make.

“It was crazy, when they first announced that coach Howard was leaving I was like ‘oh Lord what am I going to do’ so when I finally put in the release, to release from my NLI (national letter of intent) from CSU, that took the longest, it took like three months, two months to get released from them first, then once I was released I was like a free agent again,” says Carver graduate Ja’Nya Love-Hill. 

A short while after her release, Ja’Nya received a text message from coach Howard saying “I heard you were a free agent” and from there brought Ja’Nya on board with her at Georgia Southern.

“I love the fact that I’m going DI now. You know at first I was like I’m going DII, I didn’t really feel all that great, but now I feel like, coach Howard has always told me that I’m a DI talent and when she told me that, I felt like I could go DI and now I’m DI so yeah,” says Love-Hill. 

Through all of the trials of injury and uncertainty in the recruiting process, Ja’Nya is now not only a division one athlete, but she’s going to see the floor her freshman year too.

“When I first talked to coach Howard, because I got hurt I was talking to her about red shirting, and she was like ‘oh no you’re not going to redshirt, you’re going to play this season, you are going to play’ and I was like okay. She was like ‘I want you to be a leader’ just how I was at Carver and everything else will fall into place,” says Love-Hill. 

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