TV Celebrity Whitney Port on New Motherhood and Safety Tips for Summer

Whitney Port – one of the popular stars of a reality TV series – will be returning to the small screen this summer. It’s also been a new beginning for Whitney as she has taken on the role of motherhood. As a nervous first-time mom of Sonny, she’s learned firsthand the importance of staying one step ahead of her adventurous toddler.

Just in time for summer camps and outdoor adventures, Port wants to remind other moms to prepare themselves for handling all the minor scrapes, bumps and bruises that go along with the season and playful outdoor activities. All parents want to keep their kids safe, but they know when kids run, jump, and play, skinned knees and elbows are almost guaranteed.

With that in mind, have you truly looked at what’s in your first aid kit? When was the last time you checked? Let’s face it, most of us don’t replenish our first aid kits as often as we should, and we don’t even need all the “default” products in there. It may be time to clear out the medicine cabinet and check your first aid kit to make sure you have the essentials to properly treat your kids’ minor “battle wounds.”

Port is joined by pediatrician Dr. Natasha Burgert to break down some practical parenting tips, including key components for the modern first aid kit/mom bag and advice for tackling inevitable cuts and scrapes.

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Interview Courtesy: Avrio Health

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