More Wet Weather

Humid; Not Hot

Thursday was wet for a few hours, and we’re nowhere near done with our latest combination storm system.   It’s a combination due to the fact there is one piece of the storm over the Gulf of Mexico, providing plenty of rich, tropical air.   The other piece is an area of low pressure over the Plains, moving eastward.   This feature will slow to a snail’s crawl as the weekend approaches.   The southerly wind flow in advance of it will continue to draw upon the Gulf of Mexico.   That means, high humidity is a mainstay; not heat.   But, that also means waves of rain and thunderstorms.  On occasion from Friday into early next week, there will be pockets of heavy rain that can trigger isolated flash flooding in areas of poor drainage.   By day’s end Tuesday, an average of 3-5″ of rain is expected across the Chattahoochee Valley.    Be safe, and stay tuned.

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