Stormy Streak Ahead

Possible Flooding By The Weekend

A combination of features will lead to the demise of our latest heat wave.   A large storm over the Four Corners area of our nation will tag team with a broad storm system over the western Gulf of Mexico.  The two features will bring more clouds, doses of rain and thunderstorms to the region.   That will no doubt erase the high heat, but humid weather will stick around.   The main concern is too much rain, too fast.   Flooding is a possibility by this weekend or early next week, especially in areas of poor drainage.

Initially, a thunderstorm will develop in a few neighborhoods Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday night.   However, hot weather will still be the order of the day.   Once storms become more widespread, and peppered throughout the day, we will finally see the heat come to a close.   Temperatures will even struggle in the 70s when it’s raining hard.   Stay safe.

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