Report: Teen Fell Asleep Before Bramblett Crash

Criminal Charges Not Automatic In Fatal Crash That Killed Auburn Announcer



Clarification: The teen driver involved in the fatal crash with Rod and Paula Bramblett allegedly told First Responders he fell asleep at the wheel at the time of the crash.  The Official cause of the crash is still under investigation. WLTZ First News is not publishing the name of the teen driver because he has not been charged with a crime and his juvenile status.

Lee County Prosecutor Brandon Hughes doesn’t sugar coat what happened to Rod and Paula Bramblett.

“I don’t know why this kid plowed into the back of the Brambletts and killed them. I don’t. But it’s not an accident okay we have a crash here. I don’t know that they’re criminally liable at this point,” Hughes told First News.

The young driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel when he crashed into the Brambletts who were stopped at the intersection of Shug Jordan Parkway and W Samford Avenue that fateful Saturday evening.

Investigators ruled out alcohol and cell phone use but speed and toxicology data are still pending they said.

“I would think there is excessive speed here because the mere fact that this person hit someone from the rear and caused two deaths effectually caused instant death from a rear end collision tells me there is high speed but I don’t know that until the police do their reconstruction,” Hughes said.

Police did not identify the 16 year old driver noting  it’s standard protocol involving juveniles.

The teen driver is described as someone with deep ties to the Auburn community and even closer connection to law enforcement by multiple sources with knowledge of the incident.

Auburn police, coming off weeks and months of exposure to extraordinary and traumatic scenes were in no mood to entertain any suggestion the mystery driver would receive special consideration.

“As far as any relationships or any rumors of course I’m not going to get into that at all, speculate or make other comments,” Captain Lorenza Dorsey said when asked specifically about the driver’s possible connection to the police department.

(Reporter) Would you call that a rumor Captain?

“Well you know I’m not gonna talk about anything other than the facts of the accident…..what I can assure you is this is that this case is being investigated like any other case,” Captain Dorsey said.

Ultimately it will be up the the Lee County District Attorney how to proceed and whether the evidence in this case warrants criminal charges and if so should the teen be charged as an adult.

The answers to those questions are likely still weeks away the Prosecutor said.


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