Man Charged With Hotel Shooting Served Time For Manslaughter

Curtis Adams Facing Multiple Felony Charges After Shooting, Crash

The man charged in connection to a hotel shooting over the weekend is no stranger to the Criminal Justice System according to court records.

Curtis Adams caused quite a ruckus in North Columbus over the weekend. First he allegedly exchanged gunfire in front of the Candlewood Suites with another man before crashing in dramatic fashion in an effort to flee from Police.

His first scheduled court appearance was a little more low key.

Curtis Adams‘ first court appearance wasn’t totally drama free though as the suspect’s family sat in a darkened courtroom during a temporary power outage.

Adams was no where in sight.

A public defender told the Judge Adams planned to hire his own private attorney and he did not appear in court though his mother appeared briefly on his behalf to address the Judge.

Adams is charged with multiple felonies including Criminal Attempt Murder and Aggravated Assault after exchanging gunfire with another man in front of the Candlewood Suites on Whittlesey Boulevard Saturday in broad daylight and in front of shocked onlookers.  The shooting was allegedly over a woman.

Adams left the North Columbus hotel in a hurry and smashed into other drivers less than a mile from the shooting scene at the busy intersection of Veteran’s Parkway and Northlake Drive.

According to court records, Curtis Adams was just 16 years old when he shot and killed John O‘Neal at an apartment complex off North Lumpkin Road back in 2008.

At the time he said the shooting was in self defense of another woman.

Adams was sentenced to 15 years in 2010 but served only six of that sentence in prison.

The Judge gave Adams and his family two weeks to hire a private attorney and he is scheduled to appear again in Recorder’s Court later this month.

Due to the nature of the current charges, Curtis Adams will remain in the Muscogee County jail without bond.


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