Sweaty Weekend, But Not As Harsh As Last Weekend

Rain-Free Most Of The Time

The weekend is upon us!

Above average temperatures will linger across the Chattahoochee Valley this weekend into next week.   However, our latest high pressure heat pump that has kept it mainly rain-free is repositioning itself toward Texas.   So, instead of upper 90s this weekend, it’ll be lower 90s.  Plus, the bonus is that it won’t be as humid as recent days as the high humidity gets mixed out of the region during the midday and afternoon hours.   That said, a weak front limping toward the region late this weekend may or may not be strong enough to ignite a late-day thundershower.  Even if it does happen, do not cancel any outdoor plans based on that.

The second half of next week looks to turn more active in the thunderstorm department as higher humidity settles back in again.  This higher humidity will also combine with another storm system, which is currently mulling around the West Coast.   Stay tuned.

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