Toasty, But Not Always Humid

Hit/Miss T-Storm

Upper 90 degree heat isn’t in the offing anymore, but above average temperatures will linger for the next several days.  That said, it won’t always be humid.   The reason is a weakening cool front that is approaching the Chattahoochee Valley from the northwest.  This front will fizzle before arriving, but it will create a couple things.  First, it will help ignite a thunderstorm, albeit pretty spotty through Friday evening.   Second, it will create a shift in the wind direction this weekend, allowing the humidity to come down a notch or two.  Not too bad!

Rain-free weather will likely go hand-in-hand with the dip in the humidity this weekend into early next week.  However, as higher humidity returns, we may see a minor uptick in the thunderstorm department later next week.   Stay tuned.

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