Remembering Rod and Paula Bramblett


Auburn fans will remember rod and the infamous calls he made forever.

The kick six, the miracle in Jordan-Hare and so many more.

For a lot of the people who knew Rod personally or shared a conversation with him, it was easy to see why he was so loved by so many.

I had the opportunity to talk to rod at halftime of the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa this past year.

He sat down next to me in the press box as all the media members tried to scarf down some food and quickly get back to doing their jobs.

I told rod that I enjoyed his broadcasts and that he was great at what he did.

His thank you was genuine and it didn’t take long for our conversation to transition into what we saw in the first half of the Iron Bowl.

Auburn was only down three, when they were supposed to be down by a lot more than three.

I said “Can you believe they’re only down three, they could win this.”

Rod looked at me and said “it’s all part of the plan my friend, all part of the plan”

War eagle and rest easy. Rod and Paula, you will be dearly missed.

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