Sucker Punch Kills Former Eufaula Football Player

Michael Mayo Charged With Murder of Thomas Jackson

It was a sucker punch, not a fight that led to the death of a former Eufaula Football player according to Investigators.

Thomas Jackson and his alleged killer Michael Mayo are both Eufaula natives and knew each other according to the Russell County Prosecutor who told First News the victim and the suspect were attending the same social gathering in Phenix City apparently for the same reason.

“There’s evidence that both individuals had been involved with a young woman who was at the is social gathering. I’m not gonna comment beyond that about the motive at this point,” Davis said.

Michael Mayo reportedly approached the victim from behind without warning landing a single blow with his closed fist to the back of the head.

Jackson suffered another potential fatal injury when he struck his head after falling.

“Mr. Jackson was struck from behind. It was unprovoked and he was defenseless and he died as a result of that blow or blows,” Davis told First News exclusively.

According to a source with first hand knowledge of the suspect’s background , a previous claim was made against Michael Mayo for domestic violence.

Meanwhile, the Eufaula Tigers, including former Coach Brian Moore took to social media to mourn the loss of Thomas Jackson sharing this video of the victim who was removed from life support the day after the punch.

“Eufaula Strong means to me Teamwork, dedication, hard work, don’t give up. Education, do what you gotta do in the classroom. Fight for anything. Just fight, don’t give up,” Jackson said in the video recording.

Michael Mayo was given a pre set bond of $50,000 and appeared in front of a Judge early Wednesday morning.

According to jail records, Mayo posted bond but the conditions of his bail and release were not made public.

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