Author of “The Disabled Veteran’s Story” Shares Meaning of His Novel

“Memorial Day” a solemn day when our nation rightfully honors those who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Retired Major Miguel Reece will have a Book Signing Event at Fort Benning Post Exchange—May 24th thru 31st, 2019.

The way so many people are able to identify with the stories of those who served/sacrificed in the military and their families are compelling stories. This retired Air Force Major, an International Best Selling Author as well as a retired VA employee, will be honored to share the conversation of the veterans, their spouses, parents, family members and those silent/ignored caretakers whose stories or chapters in our history he was urged not to allow their those stories to be ignored or forgotten, according to Reece.
These intriguing stories bring awareness and understanding to what so many have endured– A mother who said, “The stories are messages from ‘God’ and a blueprint on what others have done to receive their entitled VA benefits are so true; the mother who had to start over nine different times following the military member who has been keeping those wars off our shores, along with their daughter changing schools ten times in twelve years and not learning how to trust; the shattered dream of one of the first female pilots and her struggle with the glass ceiling or having to decide between her career or the birth of her son; the amazing Bataan Death March Survivor story who believed everyone else was in need of VA benefits more than he was—amust read; POWs from WWII and Korea—true love stories, according to Reece.
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