27th Annual Junior Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament


The 60th annual Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard tournament kicked off this morning with the junior women’s tricks event.

In the finals, up first is Kristen Baldwin. Her two runs combined for 6,616 putting her in second place.

Kennedy Hanson is in her second masters. Hanson places first with 6,570 winning her first junior masters tricks event.

To the junior mens tricks, Jake Abelson just 11 years old in the finals and is throwing impressive tricks thats even got the announcers excited.

He finished second with 8850, behind Felipe Franco 10210, who says even he was worried Jake my finish on top.

“I actually got very nervous because their probably one of the best junior skiers in the world because obviously they are here. I liked the scores. They weren’t bad, but I obviously can improve, but for me to come and just ski without training in this lake that’s a little challenging, but yeah I think the performance was very well,” says Franco.

“I wasn’t relaxed going into it, but when I got in the water I relaxed and my body just went on autopilot and it did just what I do everyday,” says Abelson.

Familiar face to the Masters tournament is Neilly Ross who competed in her final junior’s event before she will be competing in just the pro’s next year.

She talked on the field of athletes competing this weekend and how the dynamic is changing saying, “the field of athletes, it’s cool because in the junior division there is like a new era of athletes coming up. It’s a lot of new junior skiers that are coming into the field, that’s really cool to see. In the pro division it’s also cool because a lot of the younger trick skiers are now starting to come up so it’s amazing to see.”

The pro division semi-finals start Saturday at 8am at Callaway Gardens.

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