Stop Saying Happy Memorial Day

Deborah Tainsh Creates Yard Memorial To Honor The War Dead

Deborah Tainsh has a simple message for the people this Memorial Day and it’s on display for anyone driving by her neighborhood.

Stop saying “Happy Memorial Day”.

“For us, the word ‘Happy’ left a long time ago and I see posts on Facebook from across the Country of my Gold Star Family about how they’re hurting because no one is remembering the true depth and meaning of Memorial Day,” the Gold Star Mom told First News.

For people like Deborah Tainsh, Memorial Day will never be about a four day weekend, backyard BBQ or some retail sale. Her son SGT Patrick Tainsh was killed in action February 11,2004 in Baghdad Iraq.

“He was killed in an ambush but not before he took out enemy and saved his Commanding Officer , First Sergeant and 9 other men and he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star,” Tainsh told First News.

It’s about honoring the war dead like Army SGT Patrick Tainsh and her Marine husband who died from agent orange issues not a Hallmark greeting or marketing tool she said.

“Our nation of commercialism uses every holiday or special remembrance day to make another sale,” Tainsh said.

Instead the Gold Star Mom has a small request this holiday.

“Please take the time to say a prayer, to visit a military cemetery or an event going on just take a few moments to say God thank you that your gave us such men and women,” Tainsh said.

Deb Tainsh has spent the last 15 years keeping her son’s memory alive and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to this Country.

Tainsh has written five books , including a children’s book since her son was killed in action 15 Years ago in Iraq.

Tanish Barricks at Fort Benning was named in honor of Army SGT Patrick Tanish.

Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News


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