Police Testify Dad, Toddler Knew Their Killer

Antonio Willis and Joseph Banks Grew Up In Same East Wynnton Neighborhood

A Police Detective testified in Recorder’s Court this morning Joseph Banks and his accused killer Antonio Willis had both stayed at various times at the Colony Inn on Victory Drive.

Willis was described as homeless with occasional stays at the South Columbus hotel.

Joseph Banks three year old baby happened to be with him at the hotel last November.

(Nat Sound Facebook Video)
Voice of Joseph Banks: Say What’s up.
Ja’ceiden : What’s Up.
Banks : Say my name is Ja’ceiden Banks.
Ja’ceiden: (Inaudible)
Banks: And my name is JoJo Banks.

A homicide detective told the Judge multiple witnesses saw Joseph Banks and his baby leave in a white Ford truck with Willis that fateful night and it was caught on camera.

Willis waived his right to appear in court and police recounted details in his absence describing Willis as the man who pulled the trigger multiple times killing the father and son inside the truck and then dumping their lifeless bodies at a vacant home off Victory Drive. 

Investigators believe the father and son were shot dead at the same location because of the shattered glass on the scene. 

Six shell casings were found inside that Ford truck  24 hours after the shooting. It was dumped just feet from where the suspect and victim grew up in East Wynnton the detective said.

Willis was allegedly acting erratic and begging for money to get out of town and phone records show he was trying to sell that 9mm handgun hours after the murder.

Police say he bolted from Columbus to Atlanta on a bus under an assumed name where he’s been hiding out for the last six months.

US Marshals ultimately hauled Willis into custody but not without a fight according to testimony.

A motive for the shooting was not revealed in court.

Antonio Willis is being detained without bond for two counts of Murder.


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