Alabama Guardsman Charged With Police Shooting in Court

Grady Wayne Wilkes Charged With Capital Murder, Attempted Murder, Domestic Violence

The Alabama Guardsman charged with Capital Murder for killing an Auburn Police Officer made his first court appearance Tuesday.

Shackled and surrounded by a slough of Lee County Sheriff’s Deputies, Grady Wayne Wilkes was shuffled into the courtroom in front of a handful of Officer William Beuchner’s colleagues.

Wilkes showed little emotion and appeared to nervously twitch his hands during the brief initial appearance.

The suspect was allegedly strangling his girlfriend when police responded and were shot without warning with an assault rifle.

Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes was asked immediately after the hearing about Wilkes‘ mugshot and how he sustained those visible injuries.

“That I don’t know. I do know he spent the night in the woods um he was running through the woods. He was trying to evade capture for many hours in the woods. Um trees in the woods, I don’t know. I don’t know why but he spent a good bit of time trying to evade police hiding out in the woods”

(Reporter) And this was not the result of Law Enforcement?

“I don’t know,” Hughes responded.

According to Grady Wayne Wilkes’ service records obtained by First News he attended Basic Training and Airborne School at Fort Benning and served nearly a decade for the Alabama National Guard. Wilkes did not see any combat.

His court appointed attorney declined to comment on what exactly prompted the violent outburst or if he was under the influence at the time of the triple shooting.

Attorney William Whatley did express concern over the massive publicity generated by the case.

The District Attorney balked at any suggestion the Capital Murder case was a slam dunk.   

“We approach every case, every case as we believe it’s gonna be a dog fight as if it’s going to go to trial and go to verdict and we don’t take anything any facts, any evidence, any information that we have for granted,” Hughes said.

Wilkes is expected to be back in court for a preliminary hearing in the next few weeks.  He is being detained in the Lee County Jail without bond.

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