The Heat is On This Week


Isolated showers and thunderstorms will dot the landscape today, with highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s. Today will mark the “coolest” day and only chance of rain for the next eight days as a strong high pressure ridge takes hold over the region for the rest of the week.

A significant severe weather and tornado outbreak appears possible over parts of Oklahoma and Texas today. Numerous supercells will develop by the afternoon, many producing long-track, strong to violent tornadoes. A rare high risk has been issued for the area by the Storm Prediction Center, the first high risk in over two years. Many school systems throughout the area have cancelled classes today. If you have any friends or relatives in that area, especially in the Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma, make sure they are keeping close to a source of weather information today.

Temperatures will be on the rise the rest of the week with middle 90s for highs by midweek and upper 90s possible by the holiday weekend. It would not be a total surprise to see a few locations in the viewing area touch the 100 degree mark by this weekend with the ridging in place. Precautions need to be taken for any outdoor activities during the Memorial Day weekend, especially in the afternoon and early evening hours. Again, be careful of phone apps and other forecasts that show raw model data of 100-105 degree highs over the area by the weekend; the global models are having a tough time overestimating the strength of the high pressure system, producing anomalously high temperatures.

Meteorologists Miller Robson and Jim Kosek will keep you updated on the hot holiday forecast, and I’ll keep tabs on things on the digital side on my Facebook page as well as Twitter and Instagram.

-Meteorologist Dana Barker


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