Police Officer Charged With Murder On Suicide Watch In Jail

SGT William Talley Formally Charged for Murder of Kelly Levinsohn

A Columbus Police Officer was released from a local hospital and taken directly to jail this afternoon.

SGT William Talley was booked on three charges including murder and is now under suicide watch inside the Muscogee County Jail. The significant injuries shown in the officer’s stunning mugshot were not self inflicted according to Police Chief Ricky Boren.

“I can confirm that they did not appear to be self inflicted and it possibly could have been the collision in Harris County.

(Reporter) What was your reaction when you got this call?

“Well I’ve been here a long time and I have known and been told and have realized a lot of things over my career and I knew that I needed to respond to the scene and assist in any way that I could,” Boren said.

According to a source with first hand knowledge of the incident, the married Police SGT shot his lover in the back of the head . What prompted the violent outburst is still under investigation.

“We have not come to a conclusion with that yet. As I said it’s an ongoing investigation . he’s been in the hospital. We are still collecting evidence. we are still interviewing individuals in reference to that and at some point in time we may be able to answer that but not today,” the Police Chief told First News.

Talley’s arrest is the second in less than a week involving a veteran officer of the Columbus Police Department and domestic violence.

“Well, I have a job to do and that job is to protect the citizens in our community and it doesn’t matter who in there does injury or does something to our citizens, it’s my job to make sure there’s a proper disposition of that case and I will handle it as such,” Boren said.

The Police Chief told First News Homicide Detectives are still processing evidence and he will likely make a decision about Talley’s permanent job status with the Police Department in the coming week.

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