Suspect Used Video Games To Molest Victim

Daniel Conley Is Charged With 10 Counts of Child Molestation

A suspect accused of multiple counts of child molestation allegedly used video games to prey on his young victim.

According to court testimony , it was a school principal who tipped police off to Daniel Conley.

A detective with the Columbus Police Department’s Special Victims Unit described Conley as a City shop worker and told the court the child was ten years old when the abuse started.

The investigator told the Court that Conley would challenge the girl to video games and if she lost that meant Conley could penetrate the victim.

The sex abuse reportedly occurred over a period of five years. Conley would brazenly abuse the child when her mom was asleep and at least once while the unsuspecting mother was in the kitchen.

The investigator told the Judge a witness saw Conley inappropriately touch the child and confronted the now teen victim but she denied any abuse.

Ultimately the victim confided in a friend about the years of sex abuse and they went to the school principal to report it.

When asked why the victim didn’t come forward sooner, the child said it was the first time she had ever seen her mom happy with a man.

Prosecutors noted Conley held a dual citizenship with Germany and considered him a flight risk.

Judge Julius Hunter declined to set bond and bound the case over to Superior Court.


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