Stormy Weekend

Isolated Severe Weather Possible

Friday took a backseat to Thursday’s wet weather.  However, there is more on the way for both days of this Mother’s Day weekend.   Patchy fog will greet early risers Saturday before showers and thunderstorms blossom.   Brief hard downpours and gusty winds will accompany some of these storms.

Showers and heavy storms will pass through on a few occasions Sunday, Mother’s Day.   Although severe weather cannot be ruled out, there can be a few spots that have damaging wind gusts.  Let that alone, flash flooding is also a possibility in areas of poor drainage.

A shift in the wind will allow humidity to lower and more tranquil weather conditions to return early next week.   Although higher humidity will return later on during the work week, it should remain mainly quiet in the thunderstorm department.    Stay safe, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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