Scholar Athlete: Hardaway High Swim, Charlie Reed

Hardaway senior Charlie Reed started competing on the swim team his freshman year.

They described him like a fish in the water because of his natural ability.

“I think also because he just feels that water and it’s a natural like calming type thing for him. He just excels and he doesn’t seem to have a pain threshold, so he’ll push through it to the point where others like athletes might quit,” says Hardaway swim head coach Lindsay Sloggett. 

The reason why Charlie struggles with knowing when to stop is because he has autism.

“I think the disability that I have is like frustrating, like it’s annoying sometimes, but I just keep on being myself and just don’t worry about people. Just do your thing and keep on going in the swim meet,” says Hardaway senior swimmer Charlie Reed. 

Not only is he excelling in the pool winning his heat quite often, but also in regular classes maintaining all A’s and B’s.

“Oh my favorite class is art class as usual of course. I draw pictures and it’s like my sign langauge. I show people my creativity,” says Charlie Reed. 

That creativity and drive is impacting the people around him in a positive way.

“We’ve learned to push through our own problems and just to focus on the race at hand and just to do our best as well,” says Hardaway sophomore swimmer Emily Harkness. 

“To be compassionate. To, you know put yourself in their shoes and patience, lots of patience,” says Charlie’s mother Amy Reed. 

As Charlie continues to break down barriers he has a message for other kids that have a disability looking to get into sports.

“Just keep pushing and just think that if anybody says something mean to you or anything, just be all like I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, I can do whatever I want to do, just be yourself and just keep on pushing and there you go you nailed it,” says Charlie Reed. 

Congratulations to Charlie Reed of Hardaway high school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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