Masked Gunmen Hijack Vehicle In North Columbus

Citizen Tip Helps Harris County Deputies Nab Three Suspects

Masked gunmen suspected of hijacking a vehicle overnight in North Columbus are now in police custody thanks to an alert citizen.

The victim in this case was sitting under his carport , unwinding after work and minding his own business when the gunman approached without warning at his East Crockett Drive home.

“They had bandanas, dark colored clothes..”

Robert Spencer Jr. was scrolling through his news feed on his cell phone when the armed gunmen ran up demanding the keys to his daughter’s car which he didn’t have.

“My main concern is they wanted to go into my house to search for the keys and I didn’t let ’em. When it comes to my family I will put my life on the line,” Spencer said.

So he gave the carjackers the keys to his Chevy instead, they demanded his wallet and phone too.

“So I gave them the keys and they told me to close my eyes and count to ten,” the victim recounted.

And they sped off in the stolen vehicle to Harris County where the suspects totaled the victim’s car and bolted leaving residents there on high alert and on the lookout.

Hours later, a citizen alerted deputies to three suspicious males along the wood line near Highway 116.

“God was on our side for that and I’m very happy they caught ’em just that quick.”

The suspects are identified as Joshua Robinson, Zavion Simmons and Curtis Harrison.

The trio are now facing multiple charges including armed robbery and hijacking a vehicle.

Police Captain Ronnie Hastings tells First News to the average citizen this incident is shocking but officers are working these kinds of cases on a regular basis.

“I would agree that to the typical person, the typical citizen that this is not something that they see everyday or even hear of happening to a neighbor, fried, family member or anything like that. From our perspective, as police officers we hear of this kind of activity happening on every single week if not on a daily basis,” Captain Hastings said.

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