Bicycle Murder Suspect Also Charged with Zaxby’s Robbery

Testimony: Tellious Brown Shot At Zaxby's Employee Escaping Robbery

The Columbus teen arrested for killing a homeless man and stealing his bicycle was back in front of a Judge for the third time in less than a week.

A police investigator told the court Thursday it was Tellious Brown who busted in the Auburn Avenue Zaxby’s at closing time April 18th after carjacking another person.

Brown was armed with the same 9mm allegedly used to kill Roy Wilborn.

Like the bus stop incident, there were cameras which showed a male suspect covered with a dark hoodie.

Only the suspect’s eyes and nose can be seen in the surveillance video from the restaurant.

The hold up lasted just 53 seconds but during that time Brown allegedly aimed and shot  at an employee who was making a getaway out the back door.

According to the manager , Brown then pointed the gun at her head and demanded money from the Office.

He made off with a large sum of money in that stolen car but police say he left his cell phone behind when ditched the vehicle.

Other witnesses identified Brown as the armed gunman at Zaxby’s during the Armed Robbery.

“We always ask the public, please withhold any judgement until the case goes and has a chance to be heard in court and that goes for all people bu especially a young kid like him. He just turned 17 year old. He’s got no history of anything like this. It’s a mighty interesting way to start your criminal career having done these two entirely unrelated incidents,” Mark Shelnutt told First News.

Shelnutt is representing Tellious Brown in both cases. He says his main goal is to get Brown a fair trial.

The once promising Northside athlete will remain in the Muscogee County jail without bond until his next appearance in Superior Court.



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