Active For Part Of The Weekend?

Still Toasty

A relatively quiet Thursday night with patches of clouds and little to no wet weather will make way for another warm Friday.   Expect the humidity to be up a notch Friday with patchy low clouds to start the day; otherwise some sunshine with a hit/miss thunderstorm during the afternoon and evening hours.

Saturday will likely will be a similar day to Friday.  However, a cluster of storms will develop off to the west during the daylight hours, possibly holding together and arriving across the Hooch Saturday night into Sunday morning.   This may be the most active time frame for thunderstorms over the next several days.   Areas that get wet can easily start off the following day with fog, so heads up in the fog department.

Lower humidity will return for a brief period late Sunday into early next week before returning to a moderately high level again.    And, when the humidity is back, so is the threat of an isolated thunderstorm.   Stay tuned.

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