Teen Murder Suspect Caught On Camera

Tellious Brown Charged With Murder of Roy Wilborn

A teen murder suspect charged with killing a homeless man for his bicycle was back in Recorder’s Court Wednesday.

A Columbus Police Detective testified a slough of evidence was found at the murder scene where Roy Wilborn was reportedly resting before he was shot  during a struggle for his bicycle.

“It was obviously a horrifying crime but you’ve got people that supposedly were there and witnessed it and no one every bothered to call 911 at the time? It seems a bit strange to me,” Brown’s defense attorney Mark Shelnutt told First News.

Investigators pieced together three different surveillance videos from nearby businesses that showed a young man witnesses identified as Tellious Brown hanging out with two others before approaching the bus stop by himself.

The detective said the camera captured the stunned look on the bystander’s faces when shots were fired, then they fled the scene.

One of the video’s purportedly shows the actual struggle for the bike and the victim being shot.

“I kept trying to understand. I haven’t seen the video but I was trying to understand from the detective if he was able to say he could identify him and he never  really said he could. He just kind of said features and similarities and that kind of thing so…” Shelnutt said.

A homicide detective also testified a duffel bag with a 9mm handgun, the same type used in the murder was located inside the home Tellious Brown was staying.

The police narrative and public portrait that has emerged of the suspect has since been challenged by those close to Brown who describe the teen as a gifted athlete with a promising future.

“You know we don’t try cases in the media. We’re going to go look at the evidence. We’re gonna get the discovery. We’ll see what they’ve got on the case. I mean he’s maintained, has a plea of not guilty and he will be entitled to a fair trial,” his defense attorney said.

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