Windy Friday

Nice Weekend

Wet weather will be quick to taper off and exit under the cover of darkness tonight.   Gusty winds will develop with the passage of our latest cold front Friday morning, with gusts over 40 mph likely for some.   Therefore, a wind advisory has been issued for parts of the area.   Clouds and any damp weather early Friday morning will give way to increasing amounts of midday and afternoon sunshine.

This weekend will feature plenty of sunshine.   Although a weak cool front approaching from the north will stall later in the weekend, it may be too far away to help ignite any afternoon thundershower on Sunday.   We will continue to monitor this situation.   The bottom line: get some outdoor plans for the weekend.

Additional warmth will pile on next week, and we may very well try to take a run at the first 90 degree day for this year!   Stay tuned.

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