Hardaway Teacher Charged With Sex Crimes

Alexander White Charged After Sexual Contact On School Campus

A Hardaway High School substitute teacher used the school campus to engage in an inappropriate sexual relationship during regular school hours according to stunning court testimony this afternoon.

It was an alert parent who tipped off police after discovering a cell phone in her 15 year old daughter’s back pack. It was a phone she didn’t purchase.

A detective with the Columbus Police Department’s Special Victims Unit testified the phone was purchased by a substitute teacher at Hardaway High School named Alexander White.

White allegedly sent hundreds of emails and texts to arrange trysts with the underage student.

The victim was ordered to attend in school suspension or ISS after skipping school for days at a time.

Investigators say she was at school meeting the 35 year old teacher instead of going to class and surveillance video proves it.

Even more disturbing, when the suspect’s substitute job ended he continued to show up on campus telling school officials he needed “observation hours” for a college class.

According to the police detective,  the only thing the teacher was observing was his 15 year old love interest in a private school office and separate classroom.

The teacher confessed to kissing and groping on school grounds but denied any sexual intercourse with the underage student.

A detective told the Judge police had a real cause for concern if White was free on bond because he also serves as a music instructor providing one on one lessons to juveniles in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Judge Julius Hunter noting the victim’s age in this case bound the case over to Superior Court without bond.

The Muscogee County School District issued a statement late this afternoon stating the District was made aware of the allegations Tuesday April 16th.
Alexander White was terminated and released from duty effective immediately according to school officials.