Triggerman Who Executed Seale Couple Revealed During Hearing

Joshua Pickard And Daryus Sullivan Charged With Capital Murder

The triggerman responsible for the execution of a Seale couple was revealed during a preliminary hearing in Russell County Tuesday morning.

Co defendants Joshua Pickard and Daryus Sullivan were escorted inside the courtroom where a handful observers watched as a Russell County Investigator gave a detailed account of the double murder.

The suspects allegedly popped some pills , possibly a homemade form of ecstasy before riding their bikes 15 miles to a Seale gas station with a robbery plan. 

Instead they ended up at the home next door of William Perry and Deborah Peay.

Both suspects did plenty of talking according to court testimony.

Jenika Hall, Joshua Pickard’s girlfriend and Godmother to Daryus Sullivan lived with the suspects.

“What I was told was they knocked on the door, they heard some kind of gun and I guess ‘J’ already had a gun on him and as soon as he opened the door he fired. That’s what I was told. Who does that?” Hall said.

“We have statements by both of them. Who is telling the truth and what actually happened will be for the jury to determine,” Russell County District Attorney Ken Davis told First News.

Investigators were able to piece together what happened with the help of three informants.

The first identified the suspects and provided key details about the crime only the killers would know telling investigators that Pickard shot William Perry at the door and then as Deborah Peay begged for her life telling the gunmen he had the wrong house, Pickard shot the woman in the back of the head.

Sullivan told detectives he freaked out after his new friend shot the couple but there was also testimony he poured charcoal lighter fluid on the furniture in the house.

“The role that was played by three citizens were important and solving this case, this horrible crime. We’re grateful for that,” Davis said.

Another informant told how Pickard traded the murder weapon for $20 dollars and some weed.

Detectives ultimately recovered the 2 shot Derringer used in the crime. The testimony in stark contrast to the man Pickard’s girlfriend describes.

“The messed up part about all this is when you want the perfect boyfriend, he was kinda that. He did everything right. Flowers, candies, trips, he did everything right,” Hall said.

Judge Michael Bellamy ruled there was probable cause for the Capital Murder charges and the suspects remain in the Russell County Jail without bond.

The Russell County District Attorney will present the case to a Grand Jury in August.


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