Woman Dies In Group Home Fire

Fire Victim Also Prime Suspect In Arson Investigation

A group home resident in Columbus reportedly made it out of her burning home to safety with her roommates but somehow ended up back inside where she was discovered by fire investigators.

Firefighters were called to the personal care home just after midnight where initially everyone made it out alive of the home in East Columbus.

Natalyn Rose ran back inside according to witnesses.

“That’s possible. We even had officers that were on the scene trying to check the house for people and they were overcome with some smoke. Sometimes people will go back into a fire.
It’s not a good thing to do and obviously in this situation it wasn’t a good thing,” Police Major JD Hawk told First News.

Even more bizarre, according to those familiar with the investigation the 68 year old victim is also the prime suspect allegedly starting the fire and it wasn’t the first time.

“There are reports that there were previous calls and that’s part of the investigation that the arson investigation and our folks will look into,” Hawk said.

The owner of the Outback Care Group Home did not respond to calls for comment but the home just recently passed a routine fire inspection.

“I can tell you that Columbus Fire and Safety who monitors the structure was out recently. We have spoken with that company this morning and they did indicate that the fire alarm did come in through the alarm service like it should have and in turn called 911,”Shores said.

Fire Marshal Ricky Shores declined to comment on the victim’s history or if she prompted any previous calls for service to the home citing an ongoing investigation that could take days if not weeks to complete.

According to a source familiar with the home, Rose would have celebrated her 69th Birthday tomorrow.


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