Scholar Athlete of the Week: Northside’s Olivia Smith


When people think of the moments in a soccer game that stand out, it’s probably a goal followed by a celebration with their teammates. As a defender, that’s not a position that Olivia Smith is often in.

“Being a defender isn’t a glory role or anything like that, but I have pride in it,” Says Northside Junior soccer player Olivia Smith. “I think it’s just great all the way around. To just be part of the team and you’re preventing goals from happening and that can be a good thing too.”

On top of soccer, Olivia is dual enrolled at Northside high school and Georgia Military College. She has a 4.o GPA at both schools.

“It can get a little hectic sometimes with school work, but Coach Tooley always says that school comes first. Even though we spend a lot of time on the field, we always have to spend time on school work. I always put that first and soccer is also at the top of my list,” said Smith.

When it comes to her classwork, she isn’t taking the easiest of courses.

“I’m in the biomedical program, the magnet program, so that’s pretty cool we dissect a bunch of stuff, it’s a really great learning process,” said Smith.

Olivia would like to go to the University of Kentucky and study to be an occupational therapist. Her desire to work in occupational therapy comes from an injury she suffered on the soccer field.

“When I was in 8th grade, I broke both my wrists playing soccer and I went through occupational therapy, I thought it was really cool and I want to do that,” Said Smith.

Congratulations Olivia Smith WLTZ’s Scholar Athlete of the week.

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