Auburn MBB Historical Run in the NCAA Tournament Comes to a Close Against Virginia


The Auburn men’s basketball team entered into this tournament as the underdog and with .6 seconds left on the clock they thought they were heading to their first National Championship in program history, but the whistle was blown for a three point shot foul called against Samir Doughty.

We went straight to him in the locker room right after the game and you could see the disappointment on his face after Kyle Guy knocked down those three shots defeat the Auburn Tiger knocking them out of the tournament.

“It’s definitely tough. I didn’t get a chance to watch the play again. I’m not sure if it was a foul call or not, but the ref are going to make calls rather if it’s right or wrong so that is something that we’ve got to deal with throughout the game,” says Auburn junior guard Samir Doughty.

“Samir shouldn’t be doubting himself. We basically drew up where the ball would go. I didn’t know how it’d go there but I told him that’s the corner it’s going to go to. We are going to put Austin Wiley on the ball. We like basically practically almost had him stand out of bounds to try to get a deflection on that sideline. You know we were supposed to switch out a little bit. I’m not sure he switched out. I think the probably got screened a little bit, as a result he was late so we didn’t execute,” says Auburn men’s basketball head coach Bruce Pearl.

“Let me just say this, I have never been as proud of my teammates as I am right now. We overcame so much adversity and just we are a bunch of tough guys and everybody is going to recover from this, but it’s very unfortunate,” says Auburn junior center Austin Wiley.

“Keep y’all’s heads up you know. Auburn has not been here before so keep y’all’s heads up. Have pride. Keep your pride. Just don’t show the wrong emotions you know show that you are proud of yourself because I’m proud of everybody in this locker room. I’m proud of my locker room and the new guy coming in, keep your heads up too. Y’all are Auburn so you’ve got to represent it the right way,” says Auburn senior forward Horace Spencer.

With that the Tigers incredible and historical run comes to an end, but they are making sure to keep their heads up as they walk out of the locker room and head back to Auburn.

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