Auburn Departs From Minneapolis Leaving Behind A Monumental Season


The NCAA tournament wasted no time breaking down all of the Auburn logos and wallpaper in U.S. Bank stadium.

Auburn players and coaches walked out of this lockerroom right behind me for the final time Saturday night.

Before they did so, we spoke with the players on the incredible journey they went on and how this 2018-19 Auburn team will be ingrained in their memory.

“Just taking a step back just looking at all of things we’ve accomplished this year you know it’s hard not to you know just be amazed of all that we have done, just from making it this far, to winning an SEC tournament, to just winning the most games in school history, so once you actually look back at the season you can just say that we’ve been blessed you know, probably more than we deserve for a whole lifetime, so I’m just glad to be apart of this program,” says Auburn junior forward Anfernee McLemore.

“This run is definitely what I will remember most and I will definitely remember it forever. I’m going to remember these guys forever, love them forever, you know the coaching staff, Auburn family. You know they have just been unbelievable for me, to me, my four years here. I wouldn’t want to do it at no other university but Auburn,” says Auburn senior guard Bryce Brown.

Four seniors will graduate from this team while others might declare for the NBA draft.

One thing is for sure, the underclassman will miss playing with these seniors.

“I’m going to miss them. They did so much for this team and just I don’t think I’ll probably ever be on a team this close again, so they’re my brothers and we are always going to stay in contact. I just love them and I’m going to miss them,” says Auburn junior center Austin Wiley.

“That’s my brother so you know it’s just like missing apart of my family you know having a brother or sister just move away and knowing you might not ever be able to play or share that kind of bond with them again and you know Horace and Malik and Bryce who I’ve been playing with for three years, it’s just like a piece of my family moving away its crazy,” says McLemore.

As Bryce Brown departs from the team, he says he’s hopeful for the future of this program from the foundation his team has been able to set for the teams to come.

“Hopefully now Auburn will be able to get higher recruits and I feel like we’ve set the tone of where we should be looked at as a final four team this year. I feel like you know we set that tone we set that stage and I feel like you know this won’t be the last time Auburn will be at a final four. I feel like we will definitely continue to see run’s from Auburn just because we will continue to get great players,” says Brown.

There’s a bright future ahead for this program after making history this season.

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