Scholar Athlete: Calvary Christian Golf, Olivia Morgan

Calvary Christian sophomore Olivia Morgan makes no secret about her love for the Masters tournament.

“I will actually be going this year on Saturday. My dad won some tickets awhile ago, so he gets them every year, so that’s pretty nice to be able to do and I love it out there, I absolutely love it,” says Calvary Christian sophomore Olivia Morgan.

Her love for golf shows on the course dedicating a lot of time to practice. That dedication also carries into the classroom with over a 4.0 gpa.

“Saying okay, it’s okay if I don’t get a little bit more sleep to get this done, but I think it’s also determination is a big part of that and knowing that you know you want to play the sports, but you also want to have good grades. I think that is also important,” says Morgan.

Olivia also competes on the cross country team. Some might think golf and cross country don’t necessarily correlate, but from the mental aspect of the two sports they go hand in hand.

“Say you didn’t have a good mile, you know you’re going to say well i’m going to make this mile better, that’s also good with golf. If you didn’t do good on a hole you can’t change it, you need to forget it and you need to move on,” says Morgan.

After high school she hopes to get accepted to the University of Georgia and follow in her moms footsteps in either physical therapy or athletic training.

“Went I went with her it’s amazing to see how the patients progress and just how changing physical therapy can be for somebody,” says Morgan.

Congratulations to Olivia Morgan of Calvary Christian school this week’s scholar athlete.

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