Detroit Tigers’ Tribute to Fort Benning

Willie Horton invites troops from Fort Benning on a Special Trip to Lakeland, Florida.

Detroit Tigers’ Tribute to Fort Benning

Tyler Redmond

Willie Horton is not just a former Major League Baseball player, he is a Detroit legend.

A 4-time All-Star, he uses his platform to support the United States military.

Every year he invites troops from Fort Benning to Spring Training for an on-field experience, as well as a tour around the facility.

The troops are invited onto the field for a celebration, where they are recognized in front of the fans.

The sight of everyone in the stands on their feet, as well as every player on the field, cheering for our local troops is a sight to see!

Tiger’s manager Ron Gardenhire, local legend Josh Lester, and Willie Horton all give their well wishes for our local troops.


Willie Horton joins the group on the field for the celebration of the troops, and their families.

Ron Gardenhire, manager of the Tigers, speaks with troops one-on-one.

Gifts from the Tigers? Future Hall-of Famer Miguel Cabrera gave the Battalion something to go home with!

Ronnie Blount Jr. throws out the first pitch, as Josh Lester gets ready to catch it!

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