Coachella Launches Inclusive Campaign


Palm Springs, CA (KMIR) – The Coachella valley music and arts festival wants to be more inclusive this year.

The concert’s organizers announced a new initiative called the “Every One Campaign.”

The goal is to “create a festival culture that is safe and inclusive for everyone.”

The move comes a month after the ACLU sent a letter to organizers saying two transgender siblings were denied access to restrooms corresponding to their gender identities at last year’s event.

Organizers say that is “unacceptable”and they consulted with women’s rights and transgender activist groups to create a more welcoming environment this year.

They plan to offer licensed therapists for any attendee to talk to during next month’s festival.

One area nobody can argue Coachella is inclusive is in its price.

A single weekend pass to the event costs more than $400.00.

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