Weekend Looks Great!

Showers Monday, Possible Isolated Strong Storms

High pressure will keep us dry this weekend, but an area of low pressure building out of the midwest will help usher it off to the east and allow for a return to a more southerly flow as we get into late Sunday. That brings moisture back into the region, so we’ll see clouds start to move back in as we wrap up the weekend. That low will sling a cold front through our area Monday, so we can expect at least isolated showers Monday and even into Tuesday before high pressure returns to make for some great weather mid-week through the the rest of the work week.

Although there will be some decent potential energy out ahead of that front, wind shear isn’t looking all that impressive, so not anticipating any severe weather Monday, but there could be a few isolated strong thunderstorms. Timing and strength could change, so we’ll be keeping an eye on that.

Enjoy your weekend!

Keep smiling…




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