Scholar Athlete: Columbus High School Baseball, Colby Brabston

Heading into his junior season at Columbus high school, starting shortstop Colby Brabston was hoping to gain the attention of college baseball scouts.

“Over thanksgiving break I was playing in the annual turkey bowl, that I also played in the year before, and I was just making a cut with the ball and I just happened to tear my ACL on the play,” says Columbus senior shortstop Colby Brabston.

Baseball season would have to take a back seat to intense rehab for the next six months.

On June 1st of last year, Colby was able to return to the team.

“You know honestly I feel like hurting my knee, I was able to go through rehab and learn some new exercises that I hadn’t really known before, and I feel like I was able to come back stronger than I was before I ever got hurt, and I feel like that’s really helped me get off to a strong start this season,” says Brabston.

Not only has he gotten off to a strong start in baseball, with the best batting average to start the season, but also in the classroom with a 4.3 grade point average.

“Going to Columbus high school academics is obviously a big part, and I have to be able to balance both studying and playing baseball and it’s definitely been tough, but I just know that keeping my grades up is going to help me get into college which is the point where I’m at now and it’s all definitely paying off,” says Brabston. 

Colby hopes to play baseball at Columbus State University where three of his former high school teammates now play, and he already has an idea of what he wants to study.

“Right now I kind of want to get into physical therapy. I guess tearing my knee kind of contributed to that, but physical therapy is definitely something I’m looking into,” says Brabston.

Congratulations to Colby Brabston of Columbus high school this weeks WLTZ scholar athlete. 

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