March Supermoon Time!

Welcome To Spring

It’s Spring!  It is also March Supermoon time.  We haven’t had the vernal equinox and the full moon on the same day since 1981; reason enough to take advantage of it.

Mother Nature will cooperate with supermoon viewing early tonight, but the same cannot be said of the overnight time frame.  The culprit is a weakening cool front limping toward the region from the northwest.   Although no shower activity is expected, there will be an increase in cloud cover during the pre-dawn hours.

Clouds will be quick to give way to sunshine Thursday midday and afternoon as a dry westerly breeze sets the stage.   While that breeze will make for a mini bad hair day, there will be an uptick in the mild weather department.

Additional warmth will be had via sunshine Friday through this weekend.   Without a doubt, you will want outdoor  plans during that time frame.

A compact storm system will arrive early next week with the threat of showers and thunderstorms.   For now, the risk of severe weather does not seem likely, but stay tuned.

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