Invoices Show Invictus Boys Home A Money Maker

The Boys Home Owned by Greg Countryman Is Under Investigation

DFACS Invoices show the Invictus Boys home was a booming business venture.

If you follow the money trail, the State’s mental healthcare homes are a rather lucrative business and almost anybody who can obtain a business license with little or no training can run them.

Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman, owner of The Invictus Transformational Wellness Center referred to his Boys Home as a “Ministry”.

State invoices show it was also a money maker.

The Invictus Boys Home raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of 6 months.

Those invoices provided exclusively to First News by the Department of Family and Children Services show payments totaling more than two hundred thousand dollars from July to December of 2018.

Invictus is paid by the state for each child placed in the home typically an average of six thousand dollars a month for each boy according to the documents.

The most substantial payments were lump sums of more than thirty thousand in November and December of 2018.

What exactly the funds were used for is not clear in the documents but a “Statement of Deficiencies”, dated November of last year and issued by the state details what the funds were not used for including but not limited to medical staff, proper training, record keeping and medical care for the boys. All of it required benchmarks by the state.

Recent investigative findings by the state about the Invictus home were not made available to the public including any changes made at the home by Greg Countryman because the state’s findings are currently under appeal presumably by Marshal Countryman.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is one of multiple agencies with ongoing investigations into the Invictus Boys Home.

The lead agent tells WLTZ, the GBI will present it’s findings about the home to the District Attorney by next week.

First News has submitted a formal open records request to obtain those separate sealed findings by the Department of Human Services.


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