Can You Stand An Egg On End During The Vernal Equinox?

Chilly Mornings Linger

The vernal equinox is coming! The vernal equinox is coming!  Most of us know it as, Spring.  It becomes official at 5:58 pm edt Wednesday, and that begs the age old question.   Can you stand an egg on end during the equinox?

Equinox, by the way, means “equal night.”  The long standing myth; yes, myth is that the first day of Spring allows not only equal lengths of day and night, but also equal pressure.   And, this equal pressure is what allows an egg to balance on end at the time of the equinox.  Sounds terrific, but realistically there is no equal pressure at the time of the equinox.   Plus, you can stand an egg on its end anytime and on any day; not just the first day of Spring.  To do so, try using a rough surface along with an egg that has a bumpy surface for better balance.

Now, for the weather part of Spring.  The chilly mornings with comfortably cool afternoons will persist along with plenty of sunshine.   So, grab a jacket on the way out the door in the morning and don’t forget those shades.

A weak cool front will run out of gas as it approaches from the northwest Thursday.  This front will lend to a mix of clouds and sun, but likely no rain.   The origin of the air headed into this weekend is from the Southern Plains, where it is currently warm.   That means outdoor plans should be had for all, especially if you enjoy sunny, warm weather.

Stormy weather residing over the Gulf of Alaska will eventually pack up shop and head our way next week. If moisture from the Gulf of Mexico gets involved with this feature, it could end up being a round of heavy rain and thunderstorms.   Stay tuned, and happy Spring!

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