March Weather Madness, Or Out Like A Lamb?

Vernal Equinox At 5:58 pm EST

The chilly nights that returned this past weekend will linger through the first part of this work week.  Therefore, a jacket is not a bad thing to have on the way out the door at night or early in the morning.   That said, sunshine will be in abundance Tuesday and Wednesday allowing the afternoon hours to become comfortably cool.

Spring, also known as the Vernal Equinox, becomes official at 5:58 pm EDT.  A byproduct of late Winter and Spring weather is pollen.  It is unfortunate, but the weather will do nothing to prevent, but rather intensify the relentless attack of tree pollen.

Despite what the calendar may tell us, we always look at the origin of the air mass.   While a light breeze origin from the northeast won’t do much to aid in the development of milder weather through Wednesday, the wind shift Thursday will finally do just that!  A weak cool front will limp toward the Chattahoochee Valley Thursday afternoon, but with little moisture to work with, the prospects of a shower are slim.    There will be a much better threat to get wet next week as a stronger cool front arrives.

For now, if you have outdoor plans for this weekend, you will want to keep them.   If you do not have outdoor plans for this weekend, you will want to get some.  It will be that nice.

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