St Patrick’s Weekend Weather

Chilly Nights/Cool Afternoons

The majority of our latest dose of wet weather is now a memory.   While a shower may return during the wee hours of Saturday morning, the general trend of this forecast is for brightening skies, and lower temperatures.

Saturday will be a transition from damp, rather cloudy weather to sunny conditions.   Temperatures will peak in the 60s.  While that is below average, it’s not too bad during the afternoon.   Keep those outdoor plans, especially if they involve the holiday!  The nights/mornings will be the chilliest.   Many morning through next week will be near 40 in the towns, but 30s across the countryside.

Sunshine will make for a nice afternoon on Sunday, St Patrick’s Day.

Spring, the Vernal Equinox, officially arrives Wednesday at 5:58 pm eastern.    While it may be slightly cool that day, there will be plenty of warmth returning late next week or over the weekend.   Enjoy!

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