Proposal: No Pay for No Shows At School Board

School Board Vice Chair Suggests $300 Pay Cut After 2 Missed Meetings

The idea of no pay for no shows at a school board meeting is not a radical one.

Board Vice Chair Laurie McRae says she was at a School Board Association meeting back in December when she got wind of the pay idea.

“And theirs was a flat you know if you attend you get paid x dollars and I just kinda was like you know that’s interesting and that sounds like a good idea to me,” McRae told First News.

Her suggestion is to subtract $300 dollars for every missed meeting after two absences.

The change necessary she said for accountability.

“There have been meetings when we were sitting there kinda saying well whose coming today? Are we gonna have enough um for five because we need a quorum for some of our meetings to proceed,” McRae said.

The pay change suggestion was met with some stiff resistance from former Chairwoman Kia Chambers who called it “petty”.

District 6 member Mark Cantrell referred to the pay plan as overreaching.

“This is really too deep and putting too many rules and regulations out there that we don’t have to have,” Cantrell said at the work session.

“And then to start having to answer to well where were you? Why were you sick? Where did you go? And things of that nature I think that’s a bit like you’re my employer,” Chambers said.

McRae told First News the Muscogee County School District might not be their employer but the taxpayers of Columbus most certainly are (the employer).

“In my opinion, you know that’s true, yes and there are other responsibilities that we have that take part outside of the meetings but still representing your constituents at the meetings is a fundamental part of service,” McRae said.

For now the proposal to change the policy is just that, a proposal, a conversation starter that could ultimately lead to a vote with support from fellow Board members and the public.


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