Higher Humidity & T-Storms Returning

Cooler St Patrick's Weekend

A tranquil Tuesday night via a few high clouds will give way to another warm Wednesday.   Sunshine will share the sky with clouds throughout the day, but it’s a warm front arriving Wednesday night that will lend to more clouds and higher humidity.

Dry weather will likely remain with us Thursday, although the day may end with a thundershower in a couple spots northwest of I-85.

The axis of our latest cool front will arrive Friday with showers and thunderstorms; any of which can be accompanied by hard downpours and wind gusts over 40 mph.   This is not a tornado event, thankfully.

As this storm slows, clouds and a shower may linger Friday night into early Saturday, but drier air should win out by Saturday afternoon and St Patrick’s Day, Sunday.   That means some sunshine will return, albeit cooler.

Another storm forming over the Gulf of Mexico early next week will be close by come Tuesday, but for now it appears the storm track will be a little too far south to allow for any rain.   Nonetheless, a gusty breeze can easily return with a reinforcing dose of cool air.

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