Toasty Run This Week

Late-Week Storms

After Monday’s dose of rain, dry weather is now entering the picture for a few days.

Tuesday will start off cooler than recent mornings, but sunshine and high clouds to start the day will give way to a little more cloud cover during the afternoon.   Regardless, high temperatures will soar well into the 70s.   That trend of warm afternoons will continue for most of this week, bolstered by mild mornings and a higher round of humidity.   The end result of all this, of course is higher tree pollen.

A late-day or nighttime shower cannot be ruled out Thursday, but the majority of shower/thunderstorm activity appears to hold off until Friday.   This is not a tornadic event.   Depending on whether or not this storm system will stall nearby to the south will tell the tale as to how much clouds and showers will hang around into the weekend.  For now, the best chances for lingering rain is early in the weekend with St Patrick’s Day drier and cooler.   However, there will be a strengthening storm in the Gulf of Mexico during this time frame.   While that storm’s associated rain may miss us to the south early next week, it is not etched in stone just yet.  Stay tuned.

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